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Freemium apps account for 98% of Google Play Store revenue

Free to Play and Freemium style apps have been a huge source of income for developers but it also turns out that these apps generate most of the Google Play store's overall revenue. The Play Store surpassed 1 million apps last summer and now the total number of apps on the store sits at around 1.5 million. Thanks to this huge growth, Play Store revenue on games such as android slot machines games apps and free or real money slot machine apps has also doubled in the last year.

Japan has the lead as the world's biggest spender on in-app content, mostly due to the addictive nature of some mobile games. The US and South Korea occupy the second and third spot. Games currently account for 40 per cent of all Play Store downloads but manage to make up 90 per cent of all Android revenue and 98 per cent of all Play Store revenue.


Asian markets are fully embracing the freemium business model and while other territories aren't buying in to it as much, sales are still on the rise. App Annie revealed all of these statistics in an 18 page long report on the rise of freemium apps in the Google Play Store.

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KitGuru Says: Free to Play with micro-transactions has been a viable business model for some time now but it's starting to spread from mobile into full titles too. plenty of MMO's have also switched to the Freemium model. What do you guys think of the freemium model? Should developers keep adopting it?

Source: App Annie

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