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Here is another look at the Nexus 5

Right now, all signs are pointing towards an end of September reveal date for Google’s latest batch of Nexus devices, with one of them being a brand new Nexus 5 from LG, sporting Android Marshmallow. While some fairly blurry images of the device have surfaced previously, we now have a cleaner shot of the currently unannounced smartphone.

While the picture might not tell us much, it does give us a better look at the device. From the looks of it, the Nexus 5 will feature a unibody design, with the camera module sticking out of the back slightly, a growing trend in today’s smartphone market.

Image Source: Android Pit

We can also see the finger print sensor ring. Aside from that though, we can’t really see anything else. You can make out the headphone jack at the bottom of the smartphone, but that’s about it. We do have some rumours to go off of though, as a previous report suggested the upcoming specs of the device.

Right now, the device is expected to launch with a 5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 808 6-core SoC and 3GB of RAM. If these turn out to be true, then the new Nexus 5 may turn out to be a pretty decent performer.

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KitGuru Says: Last year’s Nexus 6 was a bit of a flop, so maybe Google can re-capture the Nexus audience with this new Nexus 5. The unibody design looks quite nice, though I’m not a fan of these smartphones getting so thin that the cameras poke out. 

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