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Samsung could make more money off of the iPhone X than the Galaxy S8

Apple and Samsung may have bumped heads in the past but that certainly hasn’t stopped them working together. This year, Samsung is supplying parts for the iPhone X, ranging from the OLED display to the flash memory and DRAM chips inside the phone. All of that adds up in the long run, as analysts believe Samsung could make more money from the iPhone X than it did the Galaxy S8.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Samsung is going to make around $110 from each iPhone X sale. Given Apple’s track record, if the company can shift 130 million units within the first 20 months, then Samsung will end up reeling in $14.3 billion.

Right now, Samsung is expecting to sell around 50 million Galaxy S8 units in its first 20 months on sale. Estimates point to Samsung making around $202 off of each Galaxy S8 sale. If Samsung hits its 50 million sales target, then it will make around $10 billion off of its 2017 flagship.

If Apple and Samsung both hit their sales targets, its a win-win situation for Samsung. The company might not outsell Apple, but it is going to make a fortune either way.

KitGuru Says: We have yet to see how high demand will be for the iPhone X, especially at the $999 price point. With that in mind, 130 million units might end up being a really high estimate. Either way though, the situation is going to work out well for Samsung.

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