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Samsung’s latest Galaxy ad bashes on a decade of iPhone launches

In a tactical counter to Apple's iPhone X launch on Friday, Samsung has begun rolling out a new Galaxy Note 8 advert titled ‘growing up'. Normally, this isn't the sort of thing we would pay much attention to but this short video is especially juicy, as it takes as many shots at the iPhone as it can within a 60 second period.

The advert itself tells the story of a loyal iPhone buyer, starting off in 2007 with the original device, before upgrading to the 3GS in 2010 and promptly running out of storage space to take any new pictures. The scene then switches to 2013, where our main character upgrades to the iPhone 5S, only to be more impressed by the Galaxy Note 3's screen size.

Disappointment continues with the iPhone 6 in 2015 and 2016, when Samsung introduced a waterproof design to the Galaxy Note series. First we see the iPhone touting main character unable to use his phone in the rain, then the following year, he falls into a lake and his iPhone is ruined by water damage. Meanwhile, a Galaxy Note device emerges from the water perfectly fine.

Finally, Samsung sneaks in a dig at the iPhone 7's lack of headphone jack and wireless charging. Eventually this all leads to our loyal iPhone buyer dumping his phone in a drawer for good, before switching to the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017. He then walks by an Apple Store on iPhone X launch day, he looks back and turns away, feeling triumphant in his decision to break away from the iPhone upgrade cycle.

This isn't a new revelation for Samsung's marketing team, the company has bashed Apple through adverts plenty of times in the past. However, this is by far the most comprehensive attempt, tearing into the iPhone every other generation for the past 10 years.

KitGuru Says: Samsung's marketing has certainly got more aggressive this year following the launch of the iPhone X. What do you guys think of Samsung's latest Galaxy ad? Is it fair game, or too harsh? 


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