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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may launch a little earlier this year

Over the last few years, most smartphone manufacturers have fallen in to a predictable release schedule. With Apple, we know to expect a new iPhone every September, HTC tends to launch a new smartphone around March/April time and Samsung falls in to a similar schedule with its Galaxy S flagships, before following up with a Galaxy Note later on in September.

However, this year, it looks like Samsung may be breaking its own trend and will launch the Galaxy Note 5 a little earlier than anticipated. According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung will be launching its new Galaxy Note smartphone a few weeks early in August in order to avoid clashing with Apple's new batch of iPhones.


Samsung usually reveals the Galaxy Note at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The company will likely still attend the event to show off its new smartphone a bit more but it seems that the announcement will be coming further ahead of time than usual.

This is all still rumour though so we don't know anything for sure yet. However, Apple now has the iPhone 6 Plus, which competes in the phablet market, so it would not be surprising to see Samsung attempt to beat Apple to the market.

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KitGuru Says: Apple has found great success with the iPhone 6 Plus, so it would make sense for Samsung to try to launch its Galaxy Note a little earlier in order to beat Apple to the market. Do any of you use a Galaxy Note smartphone? Are you thinking about upgrading this year? 

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