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How does Intel develop a laptop?

While KitGuru was in Malaysia with Intel learning about the secrets behind 14th Gen Meteor Lake chips  we took the opportunity to interview to interview one of their engineers. He is Gokul Subramaniam and his portfolio covers a host of technologies including cooling strategies, power consumption and recycling. Basically, he takes your laptop from its design cradle to its end-of-life grave.

Intel spends considerable effort helping their customers – the laptop manufacturers – to build a better product for the end user. In their eyes it makes little sense saving a small amount of money on the cooling system or webcam only to end up with a laptop that performs far below its maximum potential. Even better, in Intel's eyes, is the development of better technology at a lower cost, as demonstrated by their new vapour chamber cooler that slashes the cost of hardware that allows for a thinner laptop that cools even better.

Intel helps laptop makers to build better products and also to maintain those laptops throughout their working life with softwrae updates and strategies to keep the cooling systems clean and effective. When the time finally comes to retire the laptop Intel will help companies to recycle the product to a new owner or to ensure it can be safely sent to the Great Scrap Heap in the Sky.

KitGuru says: Intel Meteor Lake will be with us very soon and we are keen to see how these new laptops will perform.

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