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The OnePlus 5 appears to be shutting down when calling emergency services

OnePlus has seen a lot of controversy since the release of the OnePlus 5, but the most recent problem could affect the safety of its users. Some owners of the latest ‘flagship killer’ have begun reporting a bug that causes the smartphone to forcefully shut down when emergency services are called. So far, the phone appears to shut off when calling 911 and 999 but could affect other parts of the world too.

So far, three OnePlus 5 owners have come forward, claiming to be able to reproduce the bug. One user took to Reddit to warn people, meanwhile another concerned user posted video footage of the bug in action.

Looks like I should fix this soon

Posted by Nick Morrelli on Monday, 17 July 2017

As you can imagine, users are concerned, with more users coming forward to confirm the issue. Unfortunately, the exact cause of this bug remains unclear, but some believe it may be connected to the OnePlus 5’s GPS feature.

At this time, OnePlus is aware of this issue and is investigating, encouraging users to contact its support team. With more people coming forward, it will be easier for OnePlus to get down to the root cause of the problem and issue a proper fix. This isn’t the first issue the company has had since the launch of its latest flagship though, with allegations of benchmark cheating, as well as an issue known as ‘jelly scrolling’.

KitGuru Says: The bug causing shutdowns when calling emergency services is obviously extremely important to fix. With that in mind, hopefully OnePlus can address it and push out a fix as quickly as possible. 

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