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Dell Streak Review – ‘Ferrari red’ revisited with Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Rating: 9.0.

In August, KitGuru reviewed the Dell Streak and we thought it was one of the most exciting phones on the market. It was a dream combination of an iPad and a smartphone. The only downside was the early state of the Android operating system which meant it didn’t quite walk away with our top award. Dell informed me a few weeks ago that the new Android Froyo 2.2 OS was now available and that they wanted KitGuru to follow up on the previous review by taking another look at the device.

The Streak hasn’t been quite the success story that I had imagined it would be for Dell in August. I was genuinely smitten with the smartphone. The Streak combined fantastic battery life, a solid feature set and fast interface with one of the highest quality smartphone screens I had seen. Sadly, when I sent the Streak back to Dell my Apple iPhone lost much of its appeal. The only thing actually stopping me from buying one at the time was the operating system. It wasn’t ‘bad’, but I felt it was still very much in the early stages of development.

Four months later could this possibly now be the greatest smartphone on the market?

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  • Samuel

    Well thats doing a product justice. very very sexy.

  • Slashs Top Hat

    The red colour is great. but a 5 inch phone for carrying about might be a bit much.

  • Garry

    I almost bought one last time Zardon, just ordered one on Dell, i hate you man. £400 quid out 🙁

  • Tri Color

    THey should use these pictures on their website. they are so much better. great article. outdid yourself.

  • Thomas

    Was looking at the Samsung S, this looks good too. Not like Dell to make something that stylish.

  • (COF) Juffier

    what a stunning looking phone. but isnt it hard to hold to your ear for a conversation.

  • Apple rock

    no way this is better than the iphone 4, google android is way behind iOs

  • Maniludiy

    ive been looking at one of these for months now, and never got around to diving in. Im still not sure. the camera look shitty, but most of them are as you say. hard to know. I think dell might revamp this in 2011.

  • Tech Head

    My boss has one of these as Dell gave him it with a big server order he made recently for the company. Its really really good. im envious of it. The red one is really much nicer though, but its quite loud, might be a good way to get a kicking out at night time.

  • Jon

    What do you mean ‘loud’ ? there is a fan installed?

  • Tim

    I liked this last time you reviewed it, but froyo is definitely one to watch, google might be a sleeping dragon here. MS watch out !

  • Tech Head

    @ Jon. No I meant ‘loud’ as in the colour is loud … bright, ‘in your face’/

  • Ned

    Microsoft have a long way to go before google will be worrying them, however they are already having more success in the mobile sector than microsoft have had, so maybe there is a point in there somewhere. They seem to be really expanding in the software market and they look to be a devestating force. It might take a long time, but I would be watching google in future for dominance in a variety of sectors.

  • Great review, rather than the ridiculous “its so big” ones you read, that are obviously by people that have never used one..
    its worth playing with the camera settings, the camcorder records at 720p (admittedly needs decent light to get high fps)
    with some fairly simple tweaks then the streak really flies,
    if you want to know more then come and have a chat on the dell streak forum on modaco..
    We’re pushing this quite hard,

  • Jaffa

    I have two, both red. One standard 2.2 and the other rooted for playing with. It’s the best gadget I’ve ever owned. Just like any smartphone don’t drop it, it is well made and pretty robust but I have broken a screen with a fairly modest fall.

  • Savron

    Another member of the modaco streak forum here. This is a brilliant review and it’s refreshing to read from someone who knows what they are talking about. So many poor reviews on this right now. Bookmarked the site, excellent.

  • Roth

    Just ordered one after reading this. Looks brilliant. Thanks for all the work. Ditching my nokia

  • Looks Good but i wouldn’t buy one and heres why…

    “Hey Zac! check this out”, Zac replies, “What is it?”, I proudly present, “Its the streak from Dell”… (pause), Zac ROFL

    it might be the best smartphone in the world but its image, like everything else in this world gets you in the door!

  • Youbethor Detzatze

    I was in between Samsung Galaxy S (my son has it), Iphone 4 and Dell Streak. Thanks Zardon, I guess you just helped me to choose Dell Streak. I am going to order it. No white color yet?

  • Just Red and Carbon as far as I know. I can ask them if they plan a white version, but I would assume it would already be out by now.

  • Drew

    I love mine! Don’t know why people think it is too big for a phone, I don’t mind at all and bluetooth headsets are the norm here anyway.
    There is a white version in the US sold through Best Buy.
    This device is so much more customizable than my iphones, check out modaco, xda, or any of the streak forums for ideas.

  • Luis

    The white version is only available in the US through Best Buy, maybe they plan on releasing it everywhere else soon.

  • lungjian

    The Streak has a large footprint, no doubt, but it is quite usable as a phone – and I have “normal” size hands. The camera and the PDMI connector are the only 2 weak points of this tablet/phone. For me, it’s my “everything” device – replacing a phone, laptop, and dedicated GPS. When I travel for business now, I don’t have to worry about syncing between my phone and laptop and I travel SO much lighter. Less cables, adapter, and a fraction of the weight I used to carry.

    The “Streak 2” has been announced by Dell – same or similar formfactor, with a higher res screen and dual-core processor – with an ETA of May 2011. Which means it might ship in the fall of 2011, at best.

    Anyone who wants the best performance will want to flash DJ_Steve’s custom 2.2 ROM (version 1.5.1). It is based on the stock Dell ROM, with many improvements. Google “DJ Steve Streak ROM” and you’ll find his page on Modaco.com.