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Dell Streak Review – ‘Ferrari red’ revisited with Android 2.2 (Froyo)

The Dell Streak ships with a dual camera configuration. A front facing 640×480 model and a rear facing 5 megapixel unit which delivers 2592×1944 pixel resolution. Both of which can also record video – at 640×480.

Sadly I found the quality of both poor, with photographs only looking at best average under near perfect outdoor lighting conditions.

While Froyo 2.2 offers a few more settings it sadly doesn’t improve on the quality of the final image and this is the same image we used in the last review, basically because everything I was taking for this review was indoors due to winter weather in Ireland. The camera is identical, and it is acceptable for quick shots when out and about, nothing more.

Video quality is acceptable, if you don’t mind the camera frequently messing up the white balance, even part way through a recording. The video above is a clear indication of the camera auto adjusting the white balance mid way through (around 7 seconds in) and getting it wrong. In live view mode we also found the response would judder in poorly lit conditions, much like overloading a video card and seeing the frame rate drop in half. Outdoors it gives better results … in good daylight.

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