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Roccat Siru gaming mousepad review

In KitGuru’s experience, there’s no denying the quality of Roccat’s design and manufacturing. We have been following the company’s progress since we met with the founders in a small room at CeBIT in 2007.

When it comes to products for the technology sector, there seems to be a strong argument for getting them designed in North/West Europe and then manufactured in the Far East. All nations are capable of greatness, but there’s a simplicity of design that us cold-climate dwellers seem to be better at delivering.

Heads-up, here come the shots that matter.

Roccat-Siru-Mouse-Mat-Review-KitGuru-Packaging-Front   Roccat-Siru-Mouse-Mat-Review-KitGuru-Packaging-Rear

Packaging is suitable for a premium product, with strong graphics that are instantly recognisable as Roccat in origin.

Most of the key features have been highlighted, to make it easier for you to run through an check.

Roccat-Siru-Mouse-Mat-Review-KitGuru-Mat   Roccat-Siru-Mouse-Mat-Review-KitGuru-Rear

The front and back of the mat are simple and functional. Roccat has gone to the effort of styling the whole mousepad, without really losing any gaming surface area.


Branding is simple and stylish. Having seen the Cryptic Blue shots on Roccat’s web site, we’d be tempted to go for that, but it’s a taste thing.

To give you a better idea of the anti-slip surface at the read, we took our 24-70mm lens down to a tight angle and altered the studio lighting for effect.


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