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Computex 2019: Cooler Master shows cases, coolers, peripherals and more!

Cooler Master always has a lot to show at Computex, and this year proved no different as we saw a range of new cases, air and liquid coolers, fans, power supplies, keyboards, mice, headsets … so you get the idea – the booth was packed!

Starting with the new cases, Cooler Master has announced two additions to its Silencio family that was first launched back in 2011. These are the S600 (ATX) and S400 (mATX). These are very minimalistic in design, with noise deadening material inside the front, top and rear panels, so clearly the name ‘Silencio' was not a mistake. There's tempered glass panels on both cases, too, which adds to the overall understates aesthetic. Both models will be available June 18th, with pricing between $79-89 for the S400, and $89-99 for the S600.

There’s also a new mini-ITX H-series case, the MasterCase H100. H-series is the spiritual successor to HAF (high air flow) so it is no surprise to see another 200mm RGB fan used here – despite the case’s diminutive cube-like appearance – while there is also plenty of mesh and a built-in handle to add to the case’s portability factor. Pricing is set at $59 and the H100 will be ready to buy come 9th July.

We also saw new Black Editions of Cooler Master's MasterCase SL600M and Cosmos C700P, with the former priced at $199 and the latter $299.99. Interestingly, the SL600M Black Edition isn't yet guaranteed to come to market, but it depends on how much interest is shown prior to the launch. The C700P will definitely come to market in black.

In terms of its new coolers on show, there was a range of air and liquid coolers. These included the Hyper 212X SE, a revision of the legendary Hyper 212 Evo complete with new RGB fan and plated heatpipes. The MasterAir Maker 3DVVC is also pretty interesting as it uses a vapour chamber instead of a selection of heatpipes. This sits in-between a fin stack and two fans, while there is also some RGB lighting as well. The MA620M was also shown, being a revision of Wraith Ripper that debuted last year alongside 2nd Gen Threadripper CPUs, but now supports other sockets including LGA 2011/2066 and 115X.

Cooler Master also had two new low-profile coolers sitting proudly on Mini-ITX motherboards – the G200P is just 40mm tall, and the G400P is just 58mm tall. Despite that, the former is rated for a TDP of 80-90W, while the latter is rated up to 120W – some seriously impressive numbers for coolers that are so physically small.

We also saw a range of all-in-one liquid coolers, including the MasterLiquid ML240P Vivid, which has a small display on the CPU block which will give you a read-out of any system parameter – like CPU temperature, fan speed and so on. This connects to your PC via a USB connection. Next to this was the ML240P Dual Mirage – a liquid cooler with two pumps, which makes it physically massive – though Leo remains unconvinced about the need for two pumps in a 240mm AIO! He was more impressed with the ML240P Mirage, another 240mm RGB AIO, but with a transparent CPU block/pump allowing you to see the internal rotor – it's a small touch, but it looks cool.

We also saw plenty of new peripherals at Cooler Master's booth. These included the MM831, marking the first time Cooler Master has attempted a wireless gaming mouse – and it sports both a 2.4GHz connection as well as Bluetooth support. The MM831 is based on the Pixart PMW 3360 sensor (up to 32,000 DPI) and sports four RGB zones. The body of the mouse is made from PBT plastic and its uses Omron switches rated for 20m clicks. We’ve no word on battery life yet but there is Qi wireless charging support, while the MM831 will cost $99.99 with availability from November 2019.

Alongside its new wireless mouse, Cooler Master also announced a new wireless headset – the MH670. It again uses a 2.4GHz connection and comes with virtual 7.1 surround sound. Other features include its unidirectional boom mic and additional 3.5mm jack so you can use the headset across a range of devices. Lastly, Cooler Master is also touting ‘long-lasting comfort’ while wearing the MH670 thanks to its swivelling, cushioned ear cups. The MH670 will cost $99.99, coming in October this year.

On top of this, Cooler Master has also announced two new headsets – the MH650 and MH630. These are more budget-friendly models, with the MH650 set to cost $79.99 while the MH630 will cost $49.99. Starting with the MH650, this again sports 7.1 virtual surround and a unidirectional mic, but connects via USB. Its cable and mic are detachable, though, making it easy to pack away and take on the go. The MH630 is even simpler, with 50mm drivers and a 3.5mm connector, though its cable and mic are also detachable. Both headsets are due October 2019.

Elsewhere, Cooler Master is also adding to its low-profile keyboard portfolio with the SK851. Cooler Master says this designed with professionals in mind, and rather than Cherry’s MX Low Profile switches, it uses Omron switches, with the option for a tactile or linear switch depending on your preference. It’s also capable of connecting via Bluetooth 4.0, making wireless operation possible, and it should last for 15 hours with the backlight turned on or up to five months without the backlight. The SK851 will cost $169.99 with availability from January 2020.

Lastly, a new ultra-lightweight mouse is also coming from Cooler Master, known as the MM710. This weighs just 52g and is made with a ‘proprietary honeycomb composite shell’ with a lightweight braided cable to keep the weight down. In essence, it's a smallish design with a lot of holes cut into it, reducing the total weight to an absolute minimum. Other things to note include the PMW 3389 sensor and ambidextrous shape, while pricing is set at $59.99 with availability slated for November 2019.

KitGuru says: There was a lot of stuff to see from Cooler Master – I have to say, the idea of a 52g mouse excites me a lot! Did anything in particular catch your eye?

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