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Computex 2019: New power supplies and modded PCs at Seasonic

Earlier today Leo stopped by Seasonic's booth on the show floor in Nangang. He got to see three new ranges of power supply, while also taking another look at Seasonic Connect. As ever, Seasonic was also showcasing a range of mods powered by their Prime PSUs.

First things first, Seasonic was exhibiting its new 1600W power supply unit with 80+ Titanium efficiency. We saw this in prototype form last year, but it is now almost ready for release. Very few people would actually need this much wattage, but if you are an extreme overclocker or running some kind of high-power server, a power supply that can deliver this much power – at 94% efficiency levels – might be of interested.

Next to that we saw a range of new fanless PSUs, also with Titanium certification. We've already reviewed the 600W Prime Titanium Fanless, but this new model steps things up as it is rated for 700W. This might not sound like a huge leap forward – but considering the sheer amount of engineering required to create a fanless power supply, moving from 600W to 700W is no mean feat. A 500W Platinum fanless model was also on show, targeting the user who still wants a top-quality PSU, but won't need the extra wattage or efficiency that the 700W Titanium model can offer.

Rounding out our look at new power supplies, Leo also looked at the STX-800. This is a new SFX unit – Titanium certified – but the main thing is offering 800W in the smaller SFX form-factor. This means you are really not at all limited when it comes to building a high-end rig with a small footprint, as 800W would be enough for pretty much any CPU/GPU combination on the market.

Seasonic Connect was another piece of hardware that Leo stopped to look at – this debuted last year under the ‘System Cable Management Device', but it is now nearing release and has been named ‘Connect'. It's the same principle as we saw last year, though, as Connect is essentially a distribution plate for your power cables. A short power cable links Connect to your PSU, and then you attach the required 24-pin, 8-pin etc cables to Connect itself – making cable management a lot easier. This is due for release very shortly.

Lastly, we also a number of show builds, including the Quasar – designed to look like something out of Star Wars. Stuart Tonks also had a couple of systems on show – one with a white and blue theme, designed around a Seasonic Snow Silent PSU, while there was also another system called  ‘Connect Prime'. This was built with hardline tubing, with a Connect round the back, and I have to say it looks fantastic.

KitGuru says: I've always been intrigued by fanless power supplies, so it's good to see Seasonic continue to develop this market segment.

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