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Dream Machines DM1 Pro S Mouse Review

For a relatively unknown company, Dream Machines has created a product with real potential in its DM1 Pro S.

One of several mice on the market that use the classic SteelSeries Sensei design, the DM1 Pro S is comfortable to use with a variety of grips. It is also very light at just 85g – 4g lighter than its predecessor, something Dream Machines achieved by re-designing the internal PCB.

Boasting the class-leading PMW 3360, performance is excellent with no discernible acceleration or smoothing. Pixel by pixel tracking was handled without a hitch.

With those core areas (comfort and performance) executed very well, it is unfortunate that the DM1 Pro S falls down due to a few more minor issues.

For one, the braided cable really hampers the overall usability of the mouse as it is just too thick and stiff. The side buttons are quite mushy and have a propensity to wobble, while the scroll wheel's steps are also quite soft and indistinct.

For just £46, the DM1 Pro S gets a lot right, with a focus on comfort and excellent performance. If Dream Machines could work on the smaller issues holding the mouse back, then I am confident we will see a near-perfect successor to the DM1 Pro S.

You can buy one for £46 from Kustom PCs HERE.

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  • Lovely, comfortable shape.
  • PMW 3360 sensor.
  • Crisp primary buttons.
  • Affordable.


  • Stiff braided cable.
  • Mushy side buttons.
  • Soft scroll wheel.

KitGuru says: The DM1 Pro S is a very enticing mouse based on the Sensei shape. It does require some more work to improve the cable and side buttons, but the shape and performance are excellent.

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Rating: 8.0.

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