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Top 3 Gaming Monitors of 2021!

Today I am going to be looking back over the year by giving you my picks for the top three monitors that I reviewed in 2021. To keep this as varied as possible, so I am not just picking three monitors priced at over £1000 each, we are going to be looking at my favourite budget, then mid-range, and then high-end monitor of the year. Agree or disagree with any of my choices? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch video via Vimeo (below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE


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00:15 Introduction
00:42 Best Budget Monitor of 2021
03:07 Best Mid-Price Monitor of 2021
05:00 Best High-End Monitor of 2021

#3: Best Budget Monitor of 2021: iiyama GB2770QSU

See the full iiyama GB2770QSU review HERE!

Buy from Box for £249.99 HERE.

#2: Best Mid-range Monitor of 2021: AOC U28G2XU

See the full AOC U28G2XU review HERE!

Buy from Amazon UK for £582 HERE.

#1: Best High-end Monitor of 2021: ASUS ROG PG32UQX

See the full ASUS ROG PG32UQX review HERE!

Buy from Overclockers UK for £3298.99 HERE.

KitGuru says: Be sure to watch the full video to find out why I chose these exact monitors – and let me know your thoughts on these picks! We’ll have plenty more monitor reviews in 2022 as well, so stay tuned for a big year ahead.

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