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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


The G602 has quite a subtle design compared to some gaming mice, but there are certain elements which hint at the gaming orientation of this particular product.  or example, the grenade-effect buttons on the left hand side of the mouse and the stylistic right mouse button.

The mouse is finished in a combination of rubberised, matte and gloss plastic which helps to infuse some excitement into the design.


In terms of build quality, the G602 doesn't disappoint.  All of the plastics used in the construction of the mouse feel good quality and the finishes appear to be fairly hard-wearing.  This should result in great longevity, something that is particularly important with a high-end gaming mouse.


Logitech have chosen to use a right-handed ergonomic form factor for the mouse, meaning left-handed gamers should consider other models instead.  This design makes the mouse very nice to use for right-handed individuals, though, facilitating a secure grip when gaming.


The left and right mouse buttons are nicely weighted, allowing you to activate them with minimal effort.  They still provide enough resistance to prevent accidental activation, though.  Along the edge of the left mouse button there are two macro buttons labelled G10 and G11 which can be configured in the included software utility.

They are pre programmed as DPI up and down switches which let you adjust the sensitivity of the mouse on-the-fly.


Moving round to the left hand side of the mouse, there are a series of six further macro buttons in the place where we would usually just find browser forward and back buttons.  These are located above the sculpted thumb alcove which helps you to grip the mouse securely.

These are clearly defined, making them easy to locate without looking down at your hand in game.  These are also configurable in the included software utility.  Two of these are pre-programmed to act as forward and back buttons.


The mouse wheel is located in the usual location and feels nice to use.  It provides just enough resistance when clicking to navigate accurately through in-game menus, without losing the ability to flick through multiple clicks at once.

There is a small switch behind the mouse-wheel which lets us easily switch between Performance and Endurance modes.  Performance mode is designed for optimum gaming performance and endurance mode is designed to improve battery life.


Logitech include a nano-receiver with the mouse which is very small indeed.  This makes it ideal for use with a gaming laptop.  As we mentioned earlier, Logitech supply a USB extension cord which will allow desktop users to locate the receiver closer to their mouse.


Even though this is a fairly high-end mouse, it doesn't feature a rechargeable battery.  This is a little disappointing but Logitech ensure us that the two included AA batteries are good for around 250 hours in performance mode and 1440 hours in endurance mode.

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  1. Khm, does one has to conclude from review wheel button is not programmable? I mean on my G500 and G700 models I can also custom program what pressing DOWN wheel button does and what RIGHT and LEFT press of same button does. This would be really disappointing if I would buy already this mouse as I have planned and discover wheel button is missing 3 programmable options. Now will wait for sure to have some confirmation from forums or elsewhere.

  2. Sadly the middle button microswitch has proven to be very fragile on my G602, it failed after roughly 9 months and a quick internet search revealed that it is a very common problem with this model. I’ve submitted a support ticket but several days later I’m still waiting for a response.

    In response to the previous comment, all the buttons are programable.