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AOC C32G2ZE 31.5in 240Hz Curved Gaming Monitor Review

The AOC C32G2ZE‘s box has plenty of drama, if you like spaceships (which we do).

Inside are the usual power cords for both UK and EU power, as well as HDMI and DisplayPort cabling.


This isn’t a bad-looking screen at all, with a red band under the bottom of the bezel to subtly offset the otherwise black frontal appearance. The rear and stand also have red flashes to provide a more interesting appearance than mere matt black, although there is no rear lighting to add bling. The curvature is 1500R, so quite pronounced, although this isn’t quite so obvious with a 16:9 screen than the 21:9 curved screens we often see.


The only adjustment you can make is tilting up to 5 degrees forward or 23 degrees backward. There’s no swivelling, no height raising, and definitely no portrait mode – although that never makes sense on a curved screen anyway.

With no USB hub, the arrangement of ports underneath is fairly simple. On one side underneath are the pair of HDMI 2.0 ports plus the DisplayPort 1.2. This may seem outmoded now that 1.4 is available, but you don’t need the latter to drive a screen at Full HD, even one running at 240Hz. Likewise, HDMI 2.0 can support this refresh at Full HD.

Next along, in the middle, is the analog audio port. Finally, on the other side is the standard kettle lead socket for power.

A traditional set of five buttons are available for menu settings adjustment. These reside under the monitor bezel on the right, with subtle symbols on the front to show you where they are and their function.

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