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Transcend DrivePro Body 52 Body Camera

To test the Body 52, we tried it out in a selection of lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to gloomier dusk. Here are samples of footage from the two extremes.

Video quality is reasonably impressive in daylight. There is a decent level of detail and colour fidelity isn’t too bad either. The lens does have a very wide angle, which causes distortion around the edges of the frame, but that’s to be expected with a wide-angle ‘fish eye’ style lens.

You can also see from the footage above that the CMOS “Jellos” effect is very noticeable during motion, with the image wobbling around. Again, this is quite normal, although higher-end sensors use quicker processing to reduce this. The effect stops when the camera is more static.

We were reasonably impressed by the Body 52’s performance in low light too. There’s the same issue with “Jellos” as there is in daylight, but detail is reasonable and there’s less noise than might have been imagined from a non-premium camera.

A little discolouration is visible, which you don’t see in daylight (for example look at the fencing in the video above), but otherwise image quality under street lighting at night is commendable, implying that the Body 52’s CMOS is reasonably large. This will certainly be good for security personnel working an evening or overnight shift.

Once you have attached the battery and storage pack to your belt and clipped the camera to your clothing, operation is pretty seamless and doesn’t require looking at the device at all. You can easily find the large button and press it until there is a beep, which indicates that recording has commenced.

Similarly, you can press the same button again to cease recording and turn off the device, with another beep notifying this has been accomplished. We did find that the video files weren’t always saved in the same folder.

Some ended up in the main DPB52 folder and others in the DPB52_EMR folder, which is presumably for files noted as being an emergency, although we couldn’t work out what made the difference.

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