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Transcend DrivePro Body 52 Body Camera

The Transcend DrivePro Body 52 is a fairly unique piece of kit. Where other manufacturers have gone after the action camera and (more recently) dashboard camera markets, Transcend has seen a vacant spot where people in security-type roles might need to keep a record of what is going on around them for legal reasons, amongst others.

The Body 52 is well constructed and functional. Its image quality, whilst not outstanding, is good for the intended application, with enough detail and fidelity to provide a useful record of events.

There aren’t any products we have seen quite like the Body 52, so can only compare it to similar productions like dashboard camera and action cameras. Next to these, the Body 52 fares pretty well on price and image quality. However, action cameras in particular are available with much better resolutions up to 4K and many more configuration options, such as high-speed shooting and image adjustment.

The Body 52, in contrast, is a one-trick pony specifically aimed at personal surveillance and in particular security personnel. But this is a trade-off against simplicity of use and reliability. For its intended purpose, the Body 52 performs admirably, and is relatively inexpensive too.

The Transcend DrivePro Body 52 is available from PC Development Ltd

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  • Robust, wearable camera format.
  • IPX4 splashproof rating.
  • 3.5-hour battery life.
  • 32GB of storage built in.
  • WiFi for smartphone control.
  • Good image quality for intended purpose.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Very limited configuration options.
  • Previewing recordings requires PC or smartphone
  • Doesn’t double as an action camera for extreme sports due to lack of configuration.

Kitguru Says: The Transcend DrivePro Body 52 may be very specifically aimed at personal surveillance and security workers, but its image quality, robustness and ease of use make it perform this function well.

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Rating: 8.0.

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