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Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard Review

First impressions of the Aurora are very good indeed as the keyboard is based around a solid brushed aluminium plate which has been anodised black for extra effect.  This makes the construction of the keyboard feel very durable, despite the use of plastic elsewhere in the construction.

The base of the keyboard is made entirely from plastic, but it feature four rubber feet in the corners to improve traction when using on a table.  There is also a small door on the underside which lets you install batteries into the unit, alongside a connect button and power switch.

We assume that the ‘Micro’ part of the name is to describe the fact that it isn’t a full keyboard.  The layout is basically a standard laptop keyboard layout, meaning all the essential keys are present.

Enermax has also included a series of hot keys along the top of the keyboard which control various functions, including volume and multimedia playback.  We would have liked to see some of these as additional dedicated media buttons considering this has been designed as a multimedia keyboard.

There are some further multimedia controls on the keyboard but they are second functions on the ESC – F11 keys.  These can be activated by pressing the appropriate key in conjunction with the ‘Fn’ button in the bottom left corner.

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