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Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard Review

It’s quite clear after typing a few lines on the Aurora Micro that Enermax haven’t put a lot of effort into developing the keyboard itself.  It feels like the kind of unit that you would have found on a sub-£300 Acer laptop 5 years ago.

The keys feel mushy and and are made out of very cheap plastic.  The metal construction of the unit does a good job of eliminating flex, though.

On the top left hand side of the unit we find the left and right mouse button, arranged as two halves of a circle.  There is also a scroll wheel located just to the right.

Over on the top right hand side of the unit there is a large laser trackball which lets us move the pointer around the screen.

We were fairly impressed by the operation of the laser trackball during our tests.  It is a more elegant solution than the tiny touchpads that can be found on many compact home theatre keyboards.  We do feel that it could have a slightly smoother action, though, as it can sometimes feel quite juddery during use.

Setting up the keyboard was very easy.  We didn’t have to touch the connect buttons as the keyboard was picked up by the PC automatically after a minute or so.  We didn’t notice any lag during our tests, either, which can be a serious problem with some wireless keyboards.

Using the keyboard on your lap is simple thanks to the sturdy design.  We would avoid holding the keyboard in your hands, though, as the metal construction means it’s very heavy.

Even though the layout of the mouse buttons appears to be aesthetic, they are actually very well positioned for your fingers.  It takes a little while to get used to this radical alternative to a dedicated mouse but it soon becomes second nature.

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