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Fujitsu announces new Happy Hacking Keyboard models and accessories

Fujitsu's Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) lineup has introduced three new models as well as some accessories. Developed with programmers in mind, Fujitsu says the HHKB products are made with comfort and fast typing in mind, resulting in minimalistic and light designs. According to Fujitsu, these boards have now sold more than 500,000 units worldwide over the last 20 years.

There are three new models of HHKB being added: HYBRID Type-S, HYBRID, and Classic. These three models come in charcoal or white, with printed or black keycaps, and Topre capacitive switches.

Both HYBRID models come with multi-platform support, enabling the use of both Bluetooth (up to 4 devices) and USB Type-C port to connect to devices. When connected to multiple devices, the user switches between them through keyboard shortcuts. On the other hand, the Classic model only has an USB Type-C connection.

The HYBRID models also have keymap customisation. There's a DIP switch to “change the control key assignments”, and a software app (Windows only) to edit the whole keymap. These settings are saved on the keyboard, which means that when the user changes between devices, the keyboard configuration is saved.

All HHKB keyboards come with electrostatic capacitive key switches (Topre) that “detects changes in electrostatic capacity with each keypress”. This guarantees a unique and comfortable typing and high switch durability. The HYBRID Type-S version has quieter typing, thanks to the buffer inside the keys.

All of the HHKB models have three height adjustment options, delivering better ergonomics than most keyboards. The models using printed keycaps come with a “long life dye-sublimated key top labelling”, ensuring clear characters and symbols on the keycaps.

Regarding the accessories, there are hardwood wrist rests available in black, ivory, or red, with an anti-slip rubber base. There's also a protective lid for the HHKB and a tablet/phone stand that comes with a neoprene zipper travel bag. Fujitsu will later launch the carrying case bundle, which includes a protective lid, a wrist rest, and a nylon carrying case.

These models are available now in the US. The HHKB Pro Classic is listed at $217, while the HHKB Pro HYBRID is priced at $264. The HHKB Pro HYBRID Type-S is the most expensive, with a $320 price tag. The accessories are priced at $50 for the wrist rests, $35 for the tablet/phone stand and the travel bag, $35 for the protective lid, and $105 for the carrying case bundle.

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