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Cherry B.Unlimited 3.0 AES Wireless Desktop Set

As for setup, it is hassle-free and takes seconds. Just put the dongle into any free USB slot on your PC, make sure all the switches are on and everything should pair automatically. The documentation online claims that this keyboard/mouse has a system in place to ensure non-interference with other wireless users – so they can’t accidentally pair to yours or hijack your connection.

These peripherals claim to have a wireless range of 10 metres. We tested at 6 metres and found that everything worked at that range. Quite why you’d want to operate a mouse from 10m we’re not sure, but it seems to have this ability.

Without needing to be mapped, the 4 special keys on the top right of the PC automatically opened the Calculator, Outlook, Google search page and the Windows Sign-In screen.

I used the keyboard and mouse for almost a week, including typing this review, and I have to say that it took quite a while to get used to it. It’s clearly a quality product, but it really feels a lot more like typing on a laptop.  I know that some of you will use a laptop 24×7, but for me a laptop is a transient thing – only to be used when not near a full PC.

As a gamer, I NEED a back-lit keyboard and the same is true for a lot of professional users. Many of you will feel that having a back-lit keyboard is essential when igniting the petroleum at 24:00 hours. We can understand why Cherry haven’t done this, give how the batteries would be drained, but still it’s a useful feature. Cherry are claiming that its rechargeable batteries will last up to 3 months with normal use.

The B.Unlimited set is not designed for gaming, but given that >90% of our readers do game – we gave it a try.  After downloading around 50GB of demo, we fired up Destiny 2 and engaged the Cabal. As lifetime PC gamers, we hate wasting ammo, opting for the headshot every time.

That’s just not possible with this mouse. It also has to be said that this keyboard just doesn’t feel right for gaming. So if you’re an office worker who wants to frag their way through lunchtime, then you might be OK, but for anything more serious you will do better with a low end gaming keyboard and mouse.

For comparison, I also tried one of my favourite F2P (free-to-play) games, ‘Trove’. It combines elements from construction games alongside PvP/PvE action. Playing Trove, we realised that the B.Unlimited set had found its gaming limit.

After much testing, it’s clear that this is a product aimed squarely at professionals/business users, with little cross-over appeal.

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