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Ciner Arts closes out the year with sizeable TimeSplitters Rewind developer update

2018 is all about looking forward, but with long-in-development projects like TimeSplitters Rewind, it’s hard not to look back occasionally. Capping off the year, Cinder Arts, the developers behind the retro-revival have given its second big update, detailing where the team is at.

While development on TimeSplitters Rewind has been bumpy, to say the least, progress is finally being made after Cinder Arts has managed to work with Crytek to push past some of the initial issues with the CryEngine. Of course, the team has noted several times that it is less the fault of the engine and more the experience of the part-time team behind the work, but these issues have since been minimalised.

The main focus of the team has been to bolster the amount of weapons available at the yet-undisclosed launch of the game, in order to more accurately reflect the three TimeSplitters titles that Rewind is updating. This is propelled by adding more Weapon Artists into the fray, helping to create a healthy mix between sci-fi and traditional weapon sets.

Since each TimeSplitters game differed weapon styles, Cinder Arts wants to create an authentic experience, including removing hand animations by default for TimeSplitters 2 story mode, however Future Perfect will feature them by default. Considering these are the default settings, it is likely that players will be given the option to change to their preference.

The Siberia weapon set is the main priority, as this is the first map being worked on. Cinder Arts has given a look into the assets being created for the Siberia map, as well as the atmospheric sounds, including diegetic footsteps in the snow and the likes.

Some things have unfortunately been put on hold due to other obligations of the staff, such as the opening cutscene. Although not explicitly stated, it seems that the team is more focused on creating a working environment to play in before putting the necessary touches on story elements.

KitGuru: Updates are coming in a bit more frequently for the game, so it’s looking likely that there will be a positive end to development. Do you have fond memories of the TimeSplitters titles? Moreover, are you excited for a finalised version of TimeSplitters Rewind?

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  1. Heeeelll yeah I religiously played TS2! Such a great game which set the stage tone and style-wise for later games such as Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch