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TT eSports Poseidon Z Keyboard Review

I have found using the TT eSports Poseidon Z Keyboard an enjoyable experience. It doesn’t deviate from a traditional design too much in terms of design, making for an easy transition and a pleasant typing experience. I encountered no problems with key spacing or layout, so thankfully touch typing didn’t take a hit.

That said, as a gaming keyboard, the features incorporated are surprisingly minimal. I personally don’t mind a bare bones keyboard but those who value macro functions and high levels of customization may want to look elsewhere. Undoubtedly they will have to pay more too.

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This particular keyboard makes use of Kailh switches, rather than the more widespread Cherry switches. I get on well with Kailh switches, though some people do find that Cherry switches are the better option – especially as there is a key colour to suit every specific demand.

As far as usability goes, I found the brown switches to be excellent and slightly quieter than the Cherry variant found on our Corsair K70. Occasionally on Kailh keyboards, some of the keys, particularly the space bar, will start to develop a ‘spring-like’ sound. I found this to be particularly noticeable on the similarly priced Tesoro keyboards I have tested previously for KitGuru. Fortunately, ThermalTake’s board does not seem to suffer from the same issue.

The Poseidon Z model I have reviewed here today does not come with RGB lighting. However, ThermalTake do have an RGB model available at extra cost, using the same Kailh switches.

The ThermalTake Poseidon Z has an RRP of £64.99, though UK availability is a bit limited. SCAN have the keyboard available for pre-order, while Amazon has one left in stock at the time of writing. At this price, this offering from ThermalTake seems like it would be a good option to those looking to get their first mechanical keyboard, or even someone who just wants the basics and isn’t willing to spend £90+ on a keyboard.

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  • Simple design.
  • Kailh brown switches are excellent for typing and gaming.
  • Brown switches slightly quieter than Cherry variant.


  • Not much room for key command customisation.
  • No USB passthrough.
  • No RGB lighting.

KitGuru Says: It might be lacking customization and RGB lighting but the TT eSports Poseidon Z keyboard is still a very good product, especially at the price.



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Rating: 8.0.

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