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The Steam Controller and Steam Link come with two free games

Earlier this year, Valve opened the flood gates for pre-orders of the Steam Controller and the Steam Link streaming box. Things were already off to a good start, with early bird stock selling out pretty fast but now Valve is looking to sweeten the deal with two free games for those who pre-order.

The first game you’ll get is Portal 2, which seems like an easy choice for Valve to make. The second game is not one of Valve’s own but one that has exploded in popularity in recent weeks, that game is Rocket League, which has consistently been on the top sellers list on Steam since its launch.


Rocket League is definitely a game worth giving a go  if you’re in to competitive/sport style games, both Jon and I have been playing it quite a bit this month, as have many, many streamers.

Obviously, given that this is Valve’s first venture in to the hardware realm, pre-ordering may not be the best idea until we’ve seen some reviews of the Steam Link or Controller. However, if you have the money and are willing to risk it out of curiosity, then we certainly can’t fault you for that. The Steam Controller and Steam Link come in at £39.99 each, you can buy both directly through Steam already. Units will begin shipping out on the 10th of November, just in time for Fallout 4.

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KitGuru Says: If you don’t already own Portal 2 or Rocket League, then this sweetens the deal a little bit if you were looking at getting the Steam Controller or Steam Link. I’ll probably end up getting both out of curiosity. I’ve previously tested Nvidia’s streaming with the Shield Tablet, so I’m pretty interested to see how Valve’s implementation performs. 

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