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Asustek demos world’s first IPS gaming display with 165Hz refresh rate

Asustek Computer this week demonstrated the industry’s first monitor with 165Hz refresh rate designed for gaming. The display is currently a technology showcase prototype, which will hit the market at a later date. But while not a lot is clear about the monitor, it is evident that this is a unique product.

At the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA Berlin) trade-show, Asustek demonstrated its ROG Swift PG279Q display, which features Nvidia Corp.’s G-Sync dynamic refresh rate technology along with up to 165Hz panel refresh rate. The monitor was designed with professional gamers in mind, who require maximum framerate per second.


Asustek did not disclose any details about its new ROG Swift PG279Q display, but sources close to the company revealed some interesting facts about the product. The Asus ROG Swift PG279Q is based on an advanced in-plane switching (IPS) panel with a very low response time. If the panel in the ROG Swift PG279Q is similar to that of its predecessor (which is highly likely), then expect it to feature at least 2560*1440 resolution, 170°/160° horizontal/vertical viewing angles, 350cd/m² brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 16.7 million (8-bit) colours. The monitor will use DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI interfaces.

Typically, monitors with 120Hz – 144Hz higher refresh rates use TN panels and thus do not feature great colour reproduction and good viewing angles. In fact, the vast majority of displays that support AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync also rely on TN panels to provide adaptive refresh rate across a broad range of frequencies. However, Asustek’s latest-generation ROG Swift PG-series displays rely on high-quality IPS panels with great colours and wide viewing angles.


Keeping in mind that Asustek Computer does not produce panels for displays itself, but buys them from other makers, it is unknown whether 165Hz is the native refresh rate of the particular panel, or Asus had to use a proprietary technology to enable such high frequency. It is also unknown whether 165Hz rate is actually supported at all times and by Nvidia’s G-Sync technology.

Pricing of the upcoming Asus ROG Swift PG279Q is unknown, but since it will be a premium display, it will not be affordable. Asus did not disclose availability dates for the product.

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KitGuru Says: The new display is not really big and its resolution is not really high. However, if you are a professional gamer who needs the highest framerate, then Asustek’s ROG Swift PG279Q is just what the doctor ordered. Moreover, if you need an ultra-high refresh rate and a good-quality IPS panel, the ROG Swift PG279Q simply has no rivals.

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  1. danglingparticiple

    No Freesync, No buy! My next GPU will be Nano and Intel has already stated they’ll be supporting adaptive sync like AMD. Adios, overpriced proprietary G-Sync!

  2. There is already a similar version of this monitor out, the MG279q. Similar specs but 144hz, IPS and Freesync. Check that out!

  3. danglingparticiple

    165Hz refresh rate?

  4. No, it’s 144hz, but you can’t use Freesync at a high refresh anyway. It’s usually limited to pretty standard framerate ranges. The MG279q Freesync effective range is 35-90hz, but they vary from model to model with different manufacturers.

  5. free sync is junk anyway

  6. danglingparticiple

    Oh hello green astroturfing troll.

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  8. Freesync is limited from 9-240hz

    If it’s limited more than that on a monitor, it’s because of the scalar.

  9. That’s the useless one that gimped the Freesync to 90 Hz and has scads of reviews claiming poor QC?

    My PC isn’t very powerful and it can get between 90 and 144 Hz in the games that I play, but it can’t maintain a steady 144 Hz. Freesync could solve that problem, but Asus cheaped out 🙁

  10. Is there difference with 165 Hz ? Visually probably not, but profits – yes
    They sholud make new line of monitors: PFOC – Pay For Over Clocking

  11. Freesync would be good for you though since you can’t hit framerates that high. Just stay above 30 fps and it will be smooth for you.

    And I don’t understand the QC complaints. Every reviewer speaks so highly of that monitor but the user reviews say otherwise. Asus is probably hand selecting their review panels and if that’s the case it would be pretty upsetting.

    No user should have to play the panel lottery when buying a new monitor and I hope these new models are an improvement.

  12. So is nVidia Gimpwell™


  13. God ASUS kind of suck hard in the past few years. Getting sick of their QC, Support and general bs.

  14. The gamers and the Hitler shit… its crazy.

  15. I think the different would be most noticeable when it comes to the Windows experience. That was my favorite thing about my VG248qe. Windows just feels so smooth and snappy.

  16. Guru3D is saying that this panel is still TN. All other sites are saying IPS. I hope we can confirm this soon!

  17. Something is not right about the 165hz specs for the PG279Q, unless I’m missing something.

    DP 1.2 can’t support that refresh rate for 1440p 32-bit color. With
    overhead removed, DP1.2 maxes out at 17.28 Gb/s. 1440p at 146hz will
    max out at 17.22 Gb/s which is as high as DP1.2 can handle. (1440 x
    2560 x 32[bit] x 146[hz] = 17.22 Gb/s). The proposed 165hz max refresh
    for this panel itself may be true BUT DP 1.2 won’t be able to handle it
    as far as the specs. 1440p @ 165hz will need 19.46 Gb/s, which DP 1.2’s
    max of 17.28 Gb/s can’t handle. We would need DP 1.3 which will have a
    max throughput of 25.92Gb/s (overhead removed). DP 1.3 is not out nor
    even incorporated into any of the current video cards, so…

    confused about this 165hz spec. Unless, as strange as it is to
    consider, it is proposed to be reached by reducing the 32 bit per pixel
    color depth which is the max standard bpp everyone uses, and the
    standard bpp we use for all these max throughput calcs.

    As far as
    the Ultrawide 3440 x 1440 panels go, 100hz is fine for DP 1.2, since at
    that res and 32 bit color depth DP 1.2 can handle up to 109 hz which
    would equate to 17.278 Gb/s.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the proposed 165hz spec for the PG279Q?

  18. Freesync in general would be great for me, but not the implementation on that monitor as it would only work if I set my FPS cap to 90, even though my PC can go faster. If the FreeSync went from 30-144 then I’d get one.

    I play some games and I get FPS that is 90<FPS<144, so for those I'd have to choose between getting the max FPS I can and having tearing or gimping my FPS to have smooth display. Given the high price of the monitor, that's not a choice I believe I should have to make if I were to buy it.

  19. That’s a weird refresh rate as it isn’t divisible by 24, 30 or 60. I guess it doesn’t matter much because of G-Sync but you’d be in a quandary if you were using that monitor to playback 24 FPS content or play FPS-locked games on it 🙁

  20. Ok Asus. Ill wait and see how you do with this monitor. You cheap out on this? – XB270HU from Acer is mine. If you do a better job than with PG278Q, well, you will have my money. I love thin bessels, and tat’s why you favour me a lot, just don’t screw up the nicely made monitor with crappy components inside!
    And hope G-Sync would support 165Hz Refresh rate…

  21. I have an mg279q, and it is absolutely fantastic, nothing wrong with it.
    About the 90hz issue, it is not, for 2 reasons:
    1./ usefullness of any adaptive sync technology is negligible at high frame rates because you simply cannot see tearing anyway, it is just too fast, so no vsync is fine above 90
    2./ if you play games that you can squeeze 90hz out of at full graphical details in 1440p then you either do not need this monitor because you only play minecraft, or you have something like crossfire furyX (or equivalent nvidia would be 980ti sli let’s say) which indicates that you will have the money to buy the top of everything anyway

    +1./ you are just trolling or dont know what you are talking about

  22. I just can’t pay 600 bucks for a monitor that is gimped and, perhaps more importantly, has horrendous quality control.

    I stridently disagree that tearing is not visible at high Hz. I’ve seen it on 120 Hz monitors, that’s why I want FreeSync to go up through the monitor’s max refresh. Since I’ve seen 120 Hz, I don’t know if I could go down to 90, especially not at such a high cost.

    While I do not play minecraft, I do play many games where I can easily get above 90 FPS but not a constant 144. These are older PC games, low-intensity modern games and emulated games.

    There are also modern, more-intensive games where my FPS will fluctuate from >90 to <90 and I'd like to use FreeSync in them without having to cap them at 90 FPS.

  23. dem thin bezels and refresh rate :p

  24. Looks like the PG279Q, and all the other new Asus monitors, are finally available for pre order on overclockers.co.uk:


    £750, eta 13th November

  25. The display runs at 24bpp, not 32.

  26. Thank You. For some reason I thought/assumed all these higher end gaming displays were now using 32bpp true color. 8 per channel (24bpp RGB + 8bpp transparency).
    Is it only capable of 24bpp OR is it running 32bpp @ 120/144 and 24bpp for 165hz?

  27. Lot’s of people are talking about the Freesync range as such a big issue.I fail to see the issue as person that’s never noticed taring on my regular 144hz tn panel screen, on newer games with 60-90 fps . So maybe i just haven’t tried enough games where the fps jumps a lot but i absolutely hated taring before so I do notice it. Do you get tearing on high hz monitors?

  28. Why 24bpp and not 32? Display port 1.2 with hbr2 can handle 21.6 gb/s…

  29. Wow, no surprise that you’re a gamer!!! Haha, probably living in your moma’s basement, huh? Hahahahahahahahaha. Just another guy pretending to be something on a computer, that I’ve been in real life! Hahahahaha