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Samsung prices its 105” 5K UHD curved TV: $120,000

Samsung Electronics on Tuesday revealed the official price of its 105” curved ultra-high-definition TV-set that combines the best technologies that the company has to offer. Apparently, in order to get the virtually most advanced television ever, one will have to pay a rather whopping sum of money. The recommended price of the device is $120,000 (€89 thousand, £70.3 thousand, without taxes) in the U.S.

The Samsung UN105S9W is a curved OLED TV with ultra-high-definition resolution of 5120*2160 (21:9 aspect ratio). Previously Samsung and LG either offered curved full-HD (1920*1080) TVs or flat-screen UHD TVs. The UN105S9W is the first to combine all three leading-edge technologies of today: OLED panel, curved design and ultra-high-def resolution. Besides, the Samsung UN105S9W is one of the world’s largest TVs ever.

Samsung first demonstrated the UN105S9W TV-set at the CES 2014 trade-show earlier this year. It took the company over six months to start mass production of the device and offer it to end-users.


“We are happy to unveil the 105-inch Curved UHD TV, the culmination of Samsung’s advancements, following the world’s first curved UHD TV at IFA 2013,” said HS Kim, executive vice president of visual display business at Samsung Electronics. “You will experience a true curved TV optimized for consumer viewing environments at CES 2014.”

While the Samsung UN105S9W is the pinnacle of modern technologies, its price of $120 thousand seems to be unjustifiably high for almost any type of users, including hardcore movie fans. Nonetheless, if one simply wants to have the best of the best, then the model UN105S9W is just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately for the buyers of the Samsung UN105S9W, the amount of available content in 5K and 4K resolutions is very limited. In genera, there is nothing to watch on such screens in native resolution.

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KitGuru Says: It will be very interesting to see how many of such TVs Samsung will manage to sell. While the market of luxurious items is pretty large, the Samsung UN105S9W UHD curved OLED TV seems to be too exotic even for this market…

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