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AUO is developing 27-inch 300Hz QHD and 32-inch 8K4K displays

AUO has recently introduced ‘A.R.T.' (advanced reflectionless technology) for gaming and professional-oriented displays. During that same announcement, the manufacturer also introduced two new display panels, a 27-inch QHD with a 300Hz refresh rate and a 32-inch 8K4K for professionals.

AUO developed A.R.T. to allow users to stay at the screen for extended periods without causing eye strain, whether you're a gamer, a professional, or a content creator. Featuring a non-reflective surface and anti-glare and anti-reflection coating, the A.R.T. displays deliver “reading quality and exquisite image quality superior to paper”.

To debut its new anti-reflection technology, AUO is planning to launch a 27-inch QHD A.R.T. display with a whopping 300Hz refresh rate for gamers. Moreover, this panel will feature AUO's proprietary Dual Drive design and a response time of 1ms.

Gamers are not the only ones benefitting from AUO's new technology. The manufacturer will also launch an 8K4K IPS display with 275ppi and A.R.T. for professionals and content creators, offering “paper-like high image quality” for the most demanding users.

Laptop users will also have the chance to enjoy the use of A.R.T. displays. AUO is developing 15.6-inch notebook screens with A.R.T. Glass technology, resulting in harder panels with impressive reflective features, suitable for outdoor use.

AUO will reveal more about A.R.T. technology and upcoming displays during the 2021 Smart Display Innovative Application Forum, which takes place on the 22nd of April.

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KitGuru Says: We've seen 300Hz laptop displays before but it looks like soon we'll have this technology available for desktop use as well. Would you be interested in upgrading to a 300Hz display, or are you happy with 144Hz or 120Hz? 

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