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Acer reveals 32-inch ‘Zero Frame’ 4K monitor

While a lot of Acer's focus over the last year has been on the gaming monitor market, it looks like the company still knows how to design a sleek display for the office too. Today, Acer lifted the curtain on its 32-inch ‘Zero Frame' 4K monitor, featuring ultra-slim bezels, a 3840×2160 resolution and professional-grade colour accuracy.

Interestingly enough, the unveiling was actually posted over on Microsoft's site as part of a new Windows 10 device round-up. The Acer BM320 takes aim at those who do a lot of design, photo or video work with a display that supports 100% of the Adobe RGB colour gamut. It also comes equipped with Uniformity Compensation to reduce brightness and colour fluctuations across the screen.


Other features include a 10-bit colour depth, the sleek ‘Zero Frame' display that practically cuts out the side bezels entirely and the ErgoStand which offers adjustments live swivel, tilt and height.

Unfortunately, that is all of the information that was posted on Microsoft's website, so there are still a few things we don't know, like exact display specifications, pricing or a release date. However, Computex is right around the corner so perhaps Acer will be showing this off there.

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KitGuru Says: As much as I like my gaming monitors, they often don't come with bezels quite like that. How many of you use a colour accurate monitor? 

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