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Dell is launching a 55-inch and an 86-inch 4K monitor

We have been aware of Microsoft’s massive 84-inch Surface Hub for quite some time now, turning the Surface from a tiny tablet into a huge PC. Now, it looks like Dell is looking to do something similar as the company just recently unveiled two new huge 4K touchscreen monitors, sitting at 55-inches and 86-inches.

The major difference here is that Microsoft’s Surface Hub is a full-blown PC, whereas Dell’s huge 4K screens are just displays, intended to replace projectors and such in meeting rooms or schools. Dell’s new 4K 55-inch and 86-inch monitors will be replacing the company’s previous 70-inch 1080p display.


Since both of these monitors are touchscreen, Techspot points out that many schools have begun embracing this new interactive flat panel display technology, and will use it to replace previous products like the SMART Board, which while touch sensitive, was fairly limited in its capabilities. Dell’s huge interactive displays have 20 points of touch sensitivity, which is less than the Microsoft Surface Hub. However, pricing is much lower.

Dell’s 55-inch 4K display will cost $5000, meanwhile the 86-inch display will cost $11,000. The Surface Hub on the other hand is almost double that for both the 55-inch and 84-inch versions.

KitGuru Says: Dell’s screens might not double as decent PCs like the Microsoft Surface Hub, but a cheaper solution like this could work out great for educational purposes.

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