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Philips Momentum 55″ and 27″ gaming monitors announced

Over this console generation, Microsoft made a push to support higher refresh rates and technologies like FreeSync on Xbox. As we approach next-gen, both the Xbox Series X and PS5 will support these features, which are traditionally found mainly in gaming monitors. To cater to the console gaming market, Philips is launching two new ‘Momentum' series gaming monitors. 

The flagship is the Philips Momentum 558M1RY, which is more of a TV replacement. It measures in at 55-inches with HDR1000, 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, FreeSync and a Bowers & Wilkins soundbar for a great all-around package. Ambiglow lighting is also extended around the screen, so you get some additional ambient lighting on the wall around the display. In terms of input lag, the 55-inch Philips Momentum offers 2.5ms of input latency via HDMI and 1.5ms of input latency via DisplayPort, which is much lower than what you will find in most TVs, even with ‘gaming mode' switched on.

The second display is certainly a monitor. The Philips Momentum 278M1R is optimised towards competitive esports titles, with a more compact 27-inch form factor, 1ms G2G response time and a 130mm stand with tilt and swivel adjustment to get the most comfortable viewing experience possible.

The 27-inch Momentum also comes with 4K, HDR, FreeSync and 120Hz, making it a perfect candidate for a PC or next-gen console.

Currently, the Philips Momentum 55″ Console Gaming Monitor is due to release in June with an MSRP of €1299. The Philips Momentum 27″ will launch in July for €449.

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KitGuru Says: Both of these monitors appear great on paper, so it will be interesting to see what reviewers think when they get their hands on them. What do you all think of these new Philips gaming displays? 


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