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Samsung is launching three more curved monitors this month

Samsung has always been a popular brand when it comes to displays. This month, the company will be launching three new curved PC monitors, starting at the $299 price point. These monitors have been in the making ever since CES, when Samsung showed off its flagship curved ultra wide 3440×1440 monitor.

Similarly to the company's line of curved TVs, Samsung is making a big deal out of the immersion factor that having a curved display in front of you brings. Additionally, the subtle curve will also apparently help with relieving eye fatigue.


The most expensive of these displays comes in at $599, it is a 31.5 Inch monitor with a 3000mm curve radius. The next model down measures in at 27 inches, which will cost $399 and sport a 4000mm curve radius. Finally, the $299 model is a 24 inch monitor.

All three options have a 60Hz refresh rate and run at 1920×1080 resolution. Gamers who are picky about response times in their monitors may want to stray away from the 4ms response timing on these monitors. Samsung will put these monitors up for sale in a few weeks time.

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KitGuru Says: I've not been lucky enough to get my hands on a curved monitor or TV just yet, so I don't really know if it adds any immersion to the PC experience. However, I will admit that they do look pretty sweet. Have any of you guys used a curved monitor or TV? What do you think of it? 

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