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Destiny’s next expansion will have a release date soon

Destiny has been out for quite some time and while two expansions for the game were announced last year as part of a ‘expansion pass’, so far, we’ve only seen the launch of The Dark Below. Over the last few months, we have seen tons of leaks and rumors pertaining to the second expansion for Destiny, titled ‘House of Wolves’ but Bungie has been quiet on a release date.

However, in a weekly update, the studio finally spoke up, stating that the release date for House of Wolves will be announced this month, which probably means that it will come out some time in May, as previous rumors suggested: “This week at Bungie, we’re dancing ever closer to the House of Wolves.”


“The next expansion for Destiny is something we’re really looking forward to talking about. This month, there will come a day when we’ll reveal a release date for the trials that await you, with a whole reef of details soon to follow–but it is not this day.”

House of Wolves will launch at $20/£20 just like The Dark Below did. The level cap will be raised and we will see new story missions, a new raid, new maps for the Crucible and a lot of new weapons and armor. Following House of Wolves, we will probably hear more about the third expansion, which is tipped to be huge.

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KitGuru Says: Destiny is a dividing game, a lot of people hate it for what it is but an arguably equal amount of people play it every week, even after completing most if not all of the content available so far. Unfortunately, the game hasn’t come to PC, which is a big shame as I’ve sunk close to 100 hours in to the Xbox One version. Are any of you guys still playing Destiny? If not, will you pick it back up for the next expansion? 

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