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ASUS PA238Q LED Monitor Review

Like the PA246Q, the PA238Q has a very useful onscreen ‘quick fit' guide menu system. By pushing the top button on the panel the screen can display various grids with layouts over the image.

As we said last time, we aren't sure many time will refer to this on a regular basis, but we can't knock Asus for offering extra features.

Asus have adopted the same system from the PA246Q, which is still one of the best interface structures we have seen. It is all very well laid out with menus down the left, leading into submenus on the right.

Two buttons on the side panel are used for moving the selection bar up and down. This is a straightforward system and doesn't require much effort from the user. In a similar fashion to the PA246Q we were surprised to note that some of the settings were not available in Adobe RGB and Adobe sRGB modes. There is no way to select colour temperature, gamma or even saturation. Colour correction is also disabled. Therefore we enabled the ‘user mode’ and fine tuned the screen to our liking. Not ideal, especially as the adobe settings can often be perfect for specific environments.

The Asus settings, out of the box were very good and we didn't need to start changing the settings in the panels, or via software. The factory calibration seemed really accurate and pretty much on a par with the PA246Q.

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