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ASUS PA238Q LED Monitor Review

We were very impressed with the PA246Q when we reviewed it back in May and when Asus told us that they were releasing a lower cost 23 inch version we had high hopes, albeit with some reservations. After all, the PA246Q costs £425 inc vat, the PA238Q retails for £260 inc vat.

Our hopes haven’t been shattered, because the PA238Q comes very close to matching the excellent colour gamut, overall black definition and white purity of the more expensive family member. Technically, this is easily one of the best panels we have tested under £300.

As a low cost option for a graphic/web designer, or for an enthusiast user who wants an upgrade to a higher quality panel then this should definitely be right at the top of a shortlist.

We wouldn’t say it would be an ideal purchase for a hard core gamer, as the modest refresh of 6ms might cause minor issues for people with sensitive eyes. I can’t say we experienced any problems, but we know a few clan gamers who complain when a refresh rate is slower than 2ms.

Additionally, the PA246Q is a 16:10 panel with a 1920×1200 resolution, the PA238Q is 16:9, 1920×1080 which means that high definition movies are more naturally displayed, without stretching or with black bars top and bottom.

Large TN screens are great value for money and sell exceptionally well, partly because until today there were very few quality IPS panels under £300.

Scan are selling the PA238Q for £269.99 inc vat in the UK, and I can’t think of any other panel which offers the same quality of image for such a competitive price.


  • Overall IPS image quality is class leading for price.
  • stand mechanism is excellent.
  • Portrait mode available.
  • good user interface system.
  • bundle is decent.


  • No HDMI cable supplied.

Kitguru says: A great quality screen at a very competitive price.

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Rating: 9.0.

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