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ASUS ProArt PA279Q Monitor Review

I spent several weeks using the Asus ProArt PA279Q under a variety of circumstances and there is no doubt that it is a fantastic screen. Targeting the professional market, it has a price tag to match – retailing for around the £750 inc vat mark today.

The build quality of the screen is certainly worth mentioning. It could be argued that all Asus screens are well built, but the PA279Q takes things to a new level. The stand is a showcase on how they should be built. Asus ship it pre-assembled and it offers tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment. The panel can be rotated into portrait mode for instance, without any effort. The 5 way navigation key system is also an inspired design.

The checklist is impressive. A professionally calibrated AH-IPS 16:9 2560×1440 resolution panel. 100% sRGB and 99% Adobe RGB gamut support. DisplayPort 1.2, DVI and HDMI connectors, six USB 3.0 ports, two customisable user settings, a light hood and a wide selection of cables in the box.

The ProArt PA279Q has a plethora of onscreen options in order to tweak and adjust the image, but default ‘out of the box’ calibration is spot on. The colour management system is undoubtedly powerful, but the default sRGB and Adobe RGB picture modes are extremely accurate. This is so often not the case, and ASUS do deserve credit for the excellent ‘out of the box’ monitor settings.

Contrast, brightness levels, grayscale, colour and gamma are all right at the top of their respective fields. Photographers and designers are going to love the smooth transition between gradients and the bright, punchy colours that accurately reproduce the content of images.

This is without question one of the finest screens we have tested and earns our MUST HAVE award. You can buy from Amazon currently at a reduced rate, for £681 inc vat.

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  • clean colours.
  • interface is intuitive.
  • build quality.
  • superb stand design.
  • portrait and landscape support.
  • calibration ‘out of the box’.


  • the cost.
  • IPS isn’t the first choice for hardcore gamers.

Kitguru says: The Asus ProArt PA279Q is one of the finest screens that money can buy.

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Rating: 9.0.

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