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Steelseries Sensei Mouse Review

The Sensei box art follows the traditional design of all Steelseries products, which is not a bad thing.

The box opens up into a gatefold design with recommendations from several leading clan gamers. Due to the metal coating the surface is massively reflective.

The bundle includes a product catalogue, a sticker and a quick start guide. The dedicated software has to be downloaded from the Steelseries website. This ensures that the software is up to date at time of install.

The Sensei mouse looks as dramatic as the name would suggest. The silver, reflective surface catches anything highlighted in the vicinity. The feel of the mouse is really very appealing as it grips the skin well, without any irritation. Both sides are black plastic, offering a visual counterpoint to the silver mid section.

Removing camera flash shows the surface of the mouse a little better as seen above. It is a very simple looking mouse, both beautifully designed and easy on the eye – the lighting on the Steelseries logo can be controlled by the proprietary software. There aren’t a vast array of buttons, which is no bad thing as we find they can get in the way at times.

There is a scroll wheel at the front and a small, clear LED light to the rear. This lights up in relation to software settings when powered on.

Underneath is the laser sensor, specifications of the mouse and a small LED section which again can be controlled by the software. Steelseries also have an option for uploading custom bitmaps to the onboard memory.

The mouse cabling is very high quality and the USB connector is gold plated which is reassuring.

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  • Rupert

    Bought one of these already, love it to death. Its really great software, even better than Razers

  • Ned

    They are battling hard with Razer right now for market share. This should give Steelseries the edge in the gaming sector. I do think Razer make better keyboards however.

  • Thomas {DF}

    Good review Colin, I enjoyed playing with the mouse when you were over with us at clan match. The only thing I dont like is that Steelseries are delving a little too much into unnesscary software gimmicks and they could put the money into other things. I do like the lighting, but the underside LCD is pretty much just a talking point. no clan gamer I know uses or wants it.

  • Harrison

    Looks like a custom car paint finish, in different lighting for some of the shots, it looks bronze! how f*cking cool is that.

  • Luay

    No one but DAS makes great keyboards.
    But I agree that this the finest mouse ever made.

  • jimbob

    I’ve just bought one of these, but I’m not sure if it is defective or not. If I press the middle mouse button to the right It generates a mouse click (like logitech’s mice) but pressing the middle mouse to the left doesn’t. Can someone check theirs to see the behaviour.

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  • xsdajkz