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Steelseries Sensei Mouse Review

The mouse software is not included in the box, but is downloaded direct from the Steelseries website. We find the Steelseries website is very responsive, and it only took a couple of seconds to download the 29209kb file to our test machine.

The image above shows some ‘preset’ configurations for popular games, such as Medal Of Honor, Starcraft II and World Of Warcraft.

When the software is installed and running, the Steelseries icon is highlighted in the Windows taskbar.

The software allows for profiles to be stored and recalled later. This saves some time and is very intuitively handled.

The settings panel is one we spent a lot of time within. It offers a variety of settings such as changing the colour of the onboard LED’s and the LCD brightness and contrast settings.

Changing the colour of the LED sections will prove useful to many people, such as those who own Alienware machines with custom lighting. With the Steelseries software, the mouse can match the appearance of the laptop or desktop machine.

Custom bitmap files can be uploaded in the software directly to the mouse. These have to be a specific size (128 x 32 pixels) and in BMP format. I am no designer so my attempts were rather feeble. Those who spend a little more time will be able to have fun with the images. Do we really need it though? We can’t help but feel Steelseries could have reduced the overall price a little if they removed this – therefore reaching a wider audience.

For the more demanding audience, Steelseries have opted to add a panel to track button presses. This is certainly not something an ‘average’ gamer would ever require, but we can see that Steelseries are taking their software development seriously. We would rather have an option we don’t need, than an option we need but don’t have.

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