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Steelseries Sensei Mouse Review

Rating: 9.0.

Steelseries have built up a reputation over the years for producing some of the finest mice available to the gaming audience. Their Xai has been my gaming mouse of choice for the last year as I immediately bonded with the shape, weight and size. Today we are looking at their latest mouse, the ‘Sensei’ which features a 32 bit ARM processor and a staggering sensitivity rating up to 5,700 CPI.

SteelSeries have been a popular choice among clan users now for many years and if the maximum sensitivity rating of 5,700 CPI isn’t enough then they offer an ‘overclocked’ Double CPI feature, up to 11,400 DCPI. Steelseries claim this is an ideal setting for multiple monitor use.

The mouse is an ambidextrous design and is resplendent with a metal coating to ensure good grip under demanding conditions. Steelseries also offer their dedicate Engine Software for a plethora of customisation settings with pre-set options and user profiles.

A powerful 32 bit ARM processor allows Sensei to reach up to 11,400 DCPI.
The most customizable mouse in the world. Whatever you want, however you want it.
Fnatic, SK, EG, Na’Vi, EHOME, TyLoo. LoL, HoN, CS, SC2, DotA. They were all in on it.
Light up your wheel, CPI indicator or SteelSeries logo. Or turn it all off.
Get your own lift distance regardless of surface. Always. You have the authority now.
Via the built-in menu, you can customize on the go – at the touch of your scroll wheel.
A mouse as powerful as a Pentium computer? Yes. Really.
PC gamers will benefit fully from the SteelSeries Engine software.

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  • Rupert

    Bought one of these already, love it to death. Its really great software, even better than Razers

  • Ned

    They are battling hard with Razer right now for market share. This should give Steelseries the edge in the gaming sector. I do think Razer make better keyboards however.

  • Thomas {DF}

    Good review Colin, I enjoyed playing with the mouse when you were over with us at clan match. The only thing I dont like is that Steelseries are delving a little too much into unnesscary software gimmicks and they could put the money into other things. I do like the lighting, but the underside LCD is pretty much just a talking point. no clan gamer I know uses or wants it.

  • Harrison

    Looks like a custom car paint finish, in different lighting for some of the shots, it looks bronze! how f*cking cool is that.

  • Luay

    No one but DAS makes great keyboards.
    But I agree that this the finest mouse ever made.

  • jimbob

    I’ve just bought one of these, but I’m not sure if it is defective or not. If I press the middle mouse button to the right It generates a mouse click (like logitech’s mice) but pressing the middle mouse to the left doesn’t. Can someone check theirs to see the behaviour.

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  • xsdajkz