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Corsair Glaive RGB Mouse Review

To test the Glaive, I used it as my daily driver for a week, giving me plenty of time to get an idea for how it feels and performs. During this time, I used it while performing a variety of different tasks, including gaming, photo editing and general usage.

First, let's look at the accompanying software – CUE.

Above you can see a gallery of the different pages CUE offers. On the whole, it gives control over everything we would expect, and continues to do so in a refined and easy-to-use package.

For example, the actions tab lets you re-assign mouse functions and record macros, while the RGB lighting is as sophisticated as we would expect from Corsair. Lastly, the mouse calibration tool is also very useful and intuitive, so it is a definite thumbs-up here.

The lighting is also worth looking at, and it is very successful. There are three distinct RGB lighting zones, which can be independently configured, or you can have the lighting synced across all three zones.

The very front zone, underneath the scroll wheel, is interesting as I have never seen LEDs positioned here before. In daylight, you simply can't see them as the shape of the mouse obviously blocks them off. In the dark, though, there is a definite glow at the front of the mouse which does look pretty cool.

I do have just one issue with the lighting, and you might have noticed it from the pictures above – the DPI indicator LEDs are blue-only, and it can clash with the RGB lighting. I do find this design choice a bit bemusing as we know Corsair is really big on ‘RGB all the things', but it left these LEDs as blue-only.

Moving on to the physical use of the mouse, I'll cut to the chase straight away: the Glaive is a real joy to use.

It is simply very comfortable, thanks to its contoured shape and soft-touch finish, while the replaceable thumb grips give users some extra control which is good to have. Personally, I stuck with the pre-installed thumb grip as I found it best suited my natural grip, but obviously this is subjective and you may well prefer one of the other grips.

I would say the shape of the Glaive does favour a palm grip – it is quite big and I found my hands would just rest naturally in its grooves – but a claw grip is also possible, it just feels less natural.

Elsewhere, the custom PMW 3367 sensor is definitely worth talking about. This is a sensor made specially for Corsair and it features a huge 16,000 maximum DPI setting, as opposed to the usual 12,000 DPI limit of the PMW 3360. The PMW 3367 also gives users extremely fine control over its sensitivity as the DPI can be adjusted in single increments, whereas most mice feature adjustment steps of 50 or 100 DPI.

Whether or not you would actually be able to tell the difference between 3000 and 3001 DPI is another matter, but it is still good to have this level of control over the sensor.

I also had no issues with tracking when using the Glaive, so gaming was perfect and I was able to edit my review photos with ease.

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