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Corsair Glaive RGB Mouse Review

All-in-all, I am very impressed with the Corsair Glaive RGB.

It offers a very comfortable, ergonomic shape and I found it to be just right for my right hand. I also really like the soft-touch finish as it provides good grip and looks smart.

One key feature of the mouse is its three interchangeable thumb grips. Two are textured, while the other is smooth, and all three are different shapes – so there is a very good chance one of them will suit you. Switching the thumb grips is also very easy as they attach with magnets.

As always, Corsair's RGB lighting is also very effective. Corsair has actually added in a new lighting zone at the very front of the mouse (as you can see above) and while I am not too sure of its real-world benefit, it looks cool at night so I am not complaining.

However, my only real issue with the lighting is that the DPI stage indicator LEDs aren't RGB, they're blue-only. This is a bit disappointing, especially considering Corsair has been a major driver of the RGB trend, but it is the only real issue I have with the Glaive.

Elsewhere, the custom-made PMW 3367 sensor performs very well (as we would expect) and it is probably most noteworthy as it offers extremely fine adjustment steps of just 1 DPI.

So, really, the Corsair Glaive RGB is a big success. It is a very comfortable, ergonomic mouse that does pretty much everything right. Its only issue (the blue-only LEDs) is comparatively minor, and other than that we just cannot fault it. Corsair has nailed it.

You can buy one for £69.99 inc. VAT from Overclockers UK HERE

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  • Very comfy shape.
  • Interchangeable thumb grips.
  • Soft-touch finish looks and feels good.
  • 3-zone RGB lighting.
  • CUE is as good as ever.
  • Custom PMW 3367 offers very fine control and tracks perfectly.


  • DPI stage LED indicators are blue-only, not RGB.

KitGuru says: Corsair has nailed it with the Glaive RGB. It is comfortable, good-looking and a joy to use day-to-day.

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Rating: 9.0.

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