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Gigabyte Force M9 ICE Mouse Review

There isn't much about the Force M9 ICE that makes it stand out from the crowd from an aesthetic point of view.  The matte-black finish is accessorised with some strips of dark gold trim along the side which makes it look a bit more interesting than a plain black design.

We aren't completely convinced that the build quality of the Force M9 ICE is as good as it could be as some of the plastics feel a little cheap and other parts such as the battery door on the underside feel quite flimsy.  It also doesn't feel that well put together compared to similarly priced options from the likes of of SteelSeries or Razer.

Gigabyte has used a right-handed ergonomic design for the mouse which features slight alcoves in the left and right hand sides of the mouse to help you grip it effectively.  These are lined with rubber pads which improve grip further.

Unfortunately Gigabyte haven't used a rubberised finish for the rest of the mice like many other manufacturers.  Instead they have used a plain matte plastic finish which picks up marks and grime more easily and doesn't feel as good in the hand.

The left and right mouse buttons have a responsive action are well positioned for an average sized hand.  The mouse wheel has a refined clicking action which makes it very easy to scroll accurately through a list.

Behind the mouse wheel there is a DPI switch which lets us change the sensitivity of the mouse on the fly.  There are four red LEDs along the left edge of the mouse which indicate which DPI level is currently selected.  These only light up when DPI is adjusted, so they aren't distracting.

We didn't find the browser forward and back buttons to be placed ideally for our thumb but they are out of the way so it's unlikely unlikely that you'll knock them accidentally.

Gigabyte include a tiny USB dongle with the mouse which makes it perfect for use with a laptop on the move.  This can be stowed in the underside of the mouse when not in use so you're not as likely to lose it.

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