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Gigabyte Force M9 ICE Mouse Review

An increasing number of mice these days feature a software package that lets you configure various aspects of their operation.  The Force M9 ICE is no different and Gigabyte have compiled a software utility called ‘Sim' which lets us adjust some basic functions of the mouse.

The main page of the software features the button assignments which let us set the functions for the left, right and middle mouse buttons.  There is a fairly long list of preset functions to choose from but the mouse doesn't natively support macros.

Moving on to the second page, we can adjust the vertical scrolling speed of the mouse.  There is also an option for horizontal scrolling speed but this is disabled as this particular model doesn't support horizontal scrolling.

On the third and final page of the software we can alter the pointer speed and enable or disable angle snapping.  There is also an option to enable pointer trails.

We weren't massively impressed with the general feel of the mouse during use.  When the batteries are installed into the mouse, the weight feels quite unevenly distributed and this seems to make it quite difficult to move the mouse accurately and precisely.  During our tests we didn't notice any lapses in tracking, though which is important.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Gigabyte Force M9 ICE is that it can be used on a glass desk without experiencing tracking issues.  This feature isn't unique to the Force M9 and I'm sure that many users will have mouse and desk combinations that work fine together.  However, we tested the Force M9 on a glass desk which doesn't work with quite a few mice we've tried and it tracked perfectly.  It was also able to glide smoothly on the glass so a mouse pad wasn't necessary.

The Teflon feet on the underside of the mouse are quite good, although not class leading.  The 2000 DPI sensitivity should be more than enough for the user base as this mouse isn't designed for gamers.  Those who prefer a lower resolution can choose between either 800, 1200, 1600 and 2000 DPI.

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