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Roccat Savu Gaming Mouse Review

It’s very obvious from a glance that the Savu is the spawn of the Roccat design team as a number of the underlying design connotations are shared with other gaming mice in their range such as the Kone and Kova.

This particular mouse features a right-handed ergonomic form factor like a lot of other gaming mice on the market.  Those who want to game left handed should consider Roccat’s ambidextrous models like the Kova instead.

Even though the Savu is exclusively finished in black, Roccat have mixed things up a little by using different finishes on different sections of the mouse.  The top section of the mouse has a soft touch rubberised paint finish and the sides of the mouse have a rough finish to improve grip.  Roccat have also added a little design flare by using gloss black for the browser forward and back buttons and the edges of the mouse wheel.

Roccat infuse a little life into the aesthetic design of the mouse using a small LED strip along the back edge of the mouse.  This can be configured to a number of different colours and effects.

The left and right hand mouse buttons both use high quality Omron switches which are weighted perfectly. The mouse wheel isn’t quite so refined, though, and has a rough action which makes precise movements slightly tricky.  The browser forward and back buttons are located directly above the thumb alcove in the left hand side of the mouse.  They are perfectly located as they can’t easily be activated during normal use but they are easily accessible when required.

Like the other models in Roccat’s range of gaming mice, the Savu features EasyShift[+] which effectively doubles the number of configurable buttons you have available.  Firstly you have to assign one of the buttons as the EasyShift[+] button and then you can configure functions for the remaining buttons when pressed in conjunction with the EasyShift[+] button.

Build quality reflects the high standard we’ve come to expect from Roccat.  They have given the USB cable a cloth braided shielding which is a trait that identifies most high-end gaming mice.  The USB connector is silver plated and the moulding behind it shaped in the usual Roccat style.

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