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Roccat Savu Gaming Mouse Review

All good gaming mice these days are supplied with some form of configuration utility and the Roccat Savu is no exception.  Roccat direct us to their website to download and install the latest version of the software utility to ensure that we have the latest version.

The first page of the software is labelled ‘Main Control’ and features all of the controls for the performance of the mouse including sensitivity, DPI, pointer speed, scroll speed, tilt speed and double click speed.  The software also enables us to set up different configuration profiles for different games and applications.

On the second page of the software we are able to configure the button assignments.  The Savu isn’t ideal for those who require a vast array of macro buttons but, with EasyShift[+], the Savu does have a few options.  There are numerous different pre-defined functions which can be assigned to the configurable buttons including Photoshop actions and multimedia controls.

Moving on to the ‘Advanced Control’ page, we find some further configuration options including polling rate and independent sensitivity controls for the X and Y axes. We can also adjust the LED lighting area of the mouse in this area of the software.

The fourth page of the software contains the Roccat Achievements Display or R.A.D. for short, which gives us a selection of statistics about how we’ve been using the mouse.

The fifth and final page of the software directs us to the download page for the latest mouse drives and to the online support section of the Roccat website should you run into any issues with your mouse.

We were very impressed with the gaming performance of the Savu during our tests.  We tried the mouse with a number of different gaming surfaces and we have to say that the Taito is perfectly suited to the Savu, provided you’ve got enough room on the desk.

Turing the mouse upside down gives us a glimpse of the 4000 DPI optical sensor.  There are also two vast Teflon feet on the underside of the mouse which let it glide around effortlessly.

Being an optical gaming mouse, the Savu is likely to be favoured by FPS gamers.  We tested the mouse with a number of titles including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and it tracked perfectly throughout with no noticeable lapses at all.  The light weight of the mouse enables agile movements which we find preferable for FPS gaming.

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