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SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse Review

It is clear from a glance that the Diablo III Mouse shares a lot of DNA with the other gaming mice in SteelSeries’ range.  It uses the same ambidextrous shape which lets the mouse perform the same irrespective of which hand you use to operate it with.  The ergonomic shape features slight alcoves in both sides which help you grip the mouse securely.  While the shape is comfortable to use with all gripping styles, we would say that it is best suited to those who adopt a palm-grip when gaming.

The aesthetic design of the Diablo III Mouse is  more exciting than the other SteelSeries mouse thanks to the extra detailing and LED lights.  Unlike the Sensei, the lighting on this mouse is restricted to red only to suit the Diablo III theme.  But, it is also significantly cheaper so we cant reasonably expect a full range of colours.

As expected, build quality is top-notch and all the materials used to make the mouse feel superb.  The mouse is finished in the same rubberised paint that features on their Xai and Kinzu mice.  This feels great in the hand and improves performance by helping you to grip the mouse securely.

One area in which we think SteelSeries have improved greatly on the Xai is the mouse wheel.  While the mouse wheel on the Xai was acceptable, it wasn’t quite up to the same high standard as the rest of the mouse.  SteelSeries have replaced it with a much more chunky version which is more precise and easier to control.

There are seven other buttons on the mouse excluding the mouse-wheel and all it’s functions.  These comprise of the left and right mouse buttons, browser forward and back buttons on both sides of the mouse and a DPI switch directly behind the mouse wheel.  All of these buttons are programmable through the included software with the exception of the DPI switch.

SteelSeries have chosen to extend the Diablo III theme of this mouse to the cable which features a high quality red and black cloth braid.  This should help to improve the longevity of the mouse and gives it a very quality look and feel.  The cable terminates in a gold-plated USB connector.

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  • Rupert Ev

    They make great products and its good to see this one hasn’t had a 50% price hike for a different colour ! I love my XAI, no way im changing it

  • Uriel

    I had planned on buying one of these in the new year, but I still fancy one of the razer products. goin to take my time with thsi 1

  • Colin

    I saw PCWORLD stock their range, which shocked me. They have their own section here in Birmingham which caught me off guard when I was walking out. some nice looking mouse mats too.

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  • Brad

    I bought this mouse and I love it. Fast response, very durable and very cool looking

  • Good mouse for gaming