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SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse Review

Inside the packaging of the mouse there is a small leaflet which instructs us to visit the SteelSeries website to download the latest version of the software for the mouse.  Installing the software is a very simple task and takes no more than five minutes including download.  The software package is the same ‘SteelSeries Engine’ utility used by the Diablo III Headset so you’re only required to download and install one program regardless of whether you are using one or both of the Diablo III products.

The first page of the software handles the button assignments for the mouse.  There are seven configurable buttons in total which can be assigned to a number of functions including macros and a set of pre-defined mouse functions.  If you want, you can also disable buttons altogether to prevent you accidentally activating them in game.  We have to say, the way in which SteelSeries handles button configuration in the software isn’t the most intuitive and it took us a while to get the mouse set up as we wanted.

Clicking the ‘Settings’ tab brings up a page which lets us adjust the sensitivity of the mouse.  There are two configurable CPI levels which can be changed on the fly by pressing the small button directly behind the mouse-wheel.  Sensitivity can be adjusted with 100 CPI increments between  100 and 5700 CPI for both levels.  There are also controls on this page which let us configure the LED lighting and set the polling rate.

On the third page of the software is labelled ‘Properties’ and lets us configure the mouse to activate a certain profile when a certain program is started.  This lets us easily configure different setting profiles to optimise the mouse for different games without having to manually activate the different profiles when changing game.

The fourth and final page of the software utility is called ‘Statistics’.  This allows us to monitor various aspects of our mouse usage including lifetime clicks which gives us an idea of how much life there is left in the mouse.  SteelSeries claim that the Diablo III Mouse is good for 10 millions clicks which should provide a good few years use for even the most frequent gamers.

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  • Rupert Ev

    They make great products and its good to see this one hasn’t had a 50% price hike for a different colour ! I love my XAI, no way im changing it

  • Uriel

    I had planned on buying one of these in the new year, but I still fancy one of the razer products. goin to take my time with thsi 1

  • Colin

    I saw PCWORLD stock their range, which shocked me. They have their own section here in Birmingham which caught me off guard when I was walking out. some nice looking mouse mats too.

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  • Brad

    I bought this mouse and I love it. Fast response, very durable and very cool looking

  • Good mouse for gaming