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Fnatic Gear Flick Mouse Review

Overall, I am impressed with the Fnatic Gear Flick. It cuts things down to the basics and uses a reliable sensor that will be fit for even the most competitive gamers. It has a natural fit in the hand and build quality is solid.

There is some room for improvement though. While the rubberised coating on this mouse does help, some proper rubber grips on the sides would have been preferred. I would have also liked to have seen two buttons for DPI, allowing users to go one step forward or back, without having to cycle through all of the available profiles.

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As far as weight goes, this is one of the lightest mice I have ever used and it glides across cloth and plastic mouse mats with ease. The Pixart 3310 sensor does a fine job of tracking and I encountered no issues in games or regular use.

Software customisation is on the basic side, you can set three DPI steps, double click speed and polling rate but there is no lift-off distance calibration, which is sometimes necessary to stop the mouse cursor from moving when lifting the mouse to readjust its position. This isn’t a feature that I felt was necessary for the mouse but more options are never a bad thing, so that is something that could be improved on in the future.

The Fnatic Gear Flick can be found for €54.99 price on the Fnatic store. It is a solid mouse but I do think there are some competitive offerings at a similar price point from the likes of Ozone or Logitech.

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  • Pixart 3310 sensor tracks well.
  • Very light.
  • Solid build quality.


  • Software needs some fleshing out.
  • Tough competition at price point.

KitGuru Says: The Fnatic Gear Flick is a competitive offering, bringing gamers all of the essentials that they would need in a mouse. However, there is some room for improvement and it faces some tough competition at its current price. 

worth buying

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Rating: 8.0.

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