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Xtrfy launches its first lightweight wireless gaming mouse

Xtrfy has been releasing mice for eight years now and so far, they've all had one thing in common – they've been wired. This year, Xtrfy is getting into the wireless mouse market for the first time, while maintaining the company's signature lightweight design.

The Xtrfy M4 Wireless is the company's first wireless mouse, marking its biggest milestone since launching its first ultra-light mouse a few years ago. The M4 Wireless ships with a Pixart 3370 sensor and connects over a 2.4GHz wireless connection. The main mouse buttons house Kailh GM 8.0 switches rated for 80 million clicks, and you'll also find an ARM 32-bit microcontroller under the hood, which aids with processing mouse input.

The M4 Wireless weighs in at just 71g and has an ergonomic, honeycomb body and an adjustable weight balance, so you can tune weight distribution to your liking, since the centre of gravity moves depending on how you hold the mouse. Erik Jensen, Xtrfy CTO, explains these features further, saying:

“The M4 Wireless brings you the speed and responsiveness of our wired mice, without the wire. But it also offers a new level of customizability, making it possible for gamers to adjust it to their grip and playstyle. It comes with two swappable back shells for size adjustment. And since the weight balance of a mouse is experienced differently depending on how you hold it, we’ve added the possibility to move the battery toward the front or the back so that you can balance it according to your own grip”.

Like most modern gaming mice, the M4 Wireless does include RGB LEDs, as well as software so users can adjust CPI/DPI, polling rate, lift-off distance and debounce time.

The Xtrfy M4 Wireless is up for pre-orders now in both black and white for $99. The first units are expected to begin shipping in mid-December.

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KitGuru Says: The Xtrfy M4 Wireless is launching very soon. Have you owned an Xtrfy mouse before? Will you be thinking about adding the M4 Wireless to your setup? 

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