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Tenda W300M Wireless N300 Portable AP/Router Review

Tenda supplies the W300M in a very informative box which features information regarding the wireless access point’s speed rating, wireless technology and key features.

The W300M’s five key operational modes are outlined on the product’s rear side.

Tenda claims that the W300M wireless access point/router offers five different modes of use, but there are only three clear functions; wireless router/access point via the Ethernet port, wireless repeater which boosts a router’s signal, and a ‘teaming’ mode which allows a pair of W300M devices to be bridged together to share an internet signal with multiple devices.

The other two modes offer very similar functions with the slight differences being their preference between a wired or wireless connection.

The W300M is powered by a mini USB connection which, with the USB converter cable, can be connected to the supplied mains adapter. A dual USB to mini USB adapter allows the W300M to be powered by a computer. Tenda also supplies an Ethernet cable.

A quick installation guide provides some basic configuration assistance which allows the router to be set for use. It also outlines and explains the possible modes of use.

A more in-depth guide is provided in digital form on the CD.

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